São Jorge castle, Lisbon

São Jorge castle, Lisbon Okay I might need a stone bridge for my log-castle…

Mespelbrunn Castle - Mespelbrunn - Bavaria - Germany (von Wolfgang Staudt)

'Mespelbrunn Castle' ~ a medieval moated castle, Mespelbrunn, between Frankfurt and Würzburg, built in a remote tributary valley of the Elsava valley within the Spessart forest. One of the most visited water castles in Germany. by Wolfgang Staudt

Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany

I was a child when we visited several castles in Germany. So check this one off as well :) Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany. The original Cinderella Castle.

Castelo de Lichtenstein

"Lichtenstein" really is a legit place? This is Lichtenstein Castle, Wurtemburg, Germany - so cool how it looks like its built right out of the rock on the hillside.