Colorful Blanket. #crochet

Designed by Leslie Stahlhut: This is a large, mutli-color afghan made from many separate pieces.

so pretty

granny sqaures and stripes blanket by riavandermeulen - just a picture, love the stripes and granny square mix and the colors! Looks like Attic Granny Stripe OR Drops pattern.


I would like to take this pattern idea and make it into a ripple afghan. I would make the center portion about 48 ” wide on the diagonal, and then add the "arrow" rows to lengthen it to about Then I would fill in the corners, squaring the ends.

crochet "girly stuff" organizer

Perfect inspiration to organise pretty girls' mess - no pattern but how difficult is this to make?

Пинетки "Кеды" вязание крючком | Портал для Блондинок

booties baby slippers - no pattern just picture image. But you see how the bottom and sides are made and easy to see how the rest would be made and be put together.

0_566ae_37b4accb_L.jpg 448×500 pixels

Butterfly valance - some very lovely pattern diagrams/filet crochet. I will definitely use this site

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