Famous Lives in Minimalist Pictogram Flowcharts: From Darth Vader to Jesus

The guys of the italian graphic design and illustration office like to propose their version of the history of famous people, like Michael Jackson, Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler, in form of pictograms.

Los Angeles Traffic - The Newhall Pass | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

California's DOT Makes a Rare Admission: More Roads Mean More Traffic - CityLab

cité lib-movilidad urbana-francia-catalogodiseno.com (6)

Toyota Electrifies French City with the World's Largest Fleet of i-Road EVs

Rush hour | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Day 292 - Competition part Who is in charge? I don't know, I just compete here.

Estamos locos?? División peatonal en dos partes, que separa a los transeúntes que andan con smartphone para evitar los accidentes que esta situación provoca

Chinese City Launches Special Lane for Cellphone Addicts People walk on a sidewalk in Chongqing featuring one lane .

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