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What's the Coco Chanel quote? "I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all."

The best revenge is just moving on and getting over it. Don't give anyone the satisfaction of watching you suffer.

My love for Bill Hader(and Stefon) completely overpowers my increasing irritation with the "keep calm" over saturation. *shakes fist at my weakness of character*

Stefon-Bill Hader character on SNL: "New York’s hottest club is Slash. This place has everything: glass, steam, bear traps, and just when you think the fun is over, knock knock who’s there?

Then I productively pinned for an hour...or two

I was going to be productive today. Happens all the time!

I have nothing to wear. Picture Quotes.

Story of my life. Minus that closet cause I actually have nothing to wear. Totally me !

I do love the kiddos in my life beyond words but this is dedicated to my sister Lauren who is crazy in love with our little Mackenzie Lyn!!!

My nieces and nephews are all married now.so I have to start being the crazy aunt for the great-nieces and great-nephews when they bring their significant others home for the first time!

As my mom said, "Don't let the bastards get you down."

Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle.should be a Hob Lob quote since we live in Glitter.