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Candas Sisman

Awesome use of blue, complimentary colors. Digital mixed image by Turkish artist Candas Sisman

Scarlett Beautiful

This is a print of a mixed media photography/collage called "Heading For The Coast ".

The Amazing Art of Disabled Artists | Webdesigner Depot

The Amazing Art of Disabled Artists

Christophe Pillault: This French autistic savant artist was born in Iran. He is unable to speak, walk or feed himself, but he produces paintings of flowing, beautiful figures. His art has been exhibited globally.

Federico Saenz-Recio, Argentinian artist has some really great pieces of moody art with pops of color in the black and white abstracts

Federico Saenz-Recio

Fede Saenz (Federico Saenz-Recio) was born in Argentina in he emigrated to the United States in 2003 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. University of Buenos Aires.

The work of Québec-born graphic designer Julien Vallée practically leaps off the screen, and in some cases literally, as in a paper sculpture that he did for the 2008 Illustrative Zurich Festival. Spray from a can explodes through a stark black background into a thousand primary-colored shards, for a sculpture that is so dynamic, you can hardly believe it isn't moving.

Julien Vallée

This is the 'Paper Sculpture' created for the main exhibition of Illustrative Zürich festival 2008 by graphic designer Julien Vallée.