Best National Geographic photos - 2013

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...Try to look deeper into their soul to find out why they are the way they are...

Redfur by =Skia (an orphaned fox cub, now living in the wild)

Ojos que no ven corazon que no siente

This fox looks like he is soaking up the morning sun. I look the same in the morning sun, Love it!

"Ha! I know what the fox said, but I'm not telling."

Photo (I LIKE)

article remarkable photos of an abandoned house in the woods that was adopted by wild animals photos kai fagerström salo finland


Foxxy, my pet red fox. We pet him like a dog, but he is very sly and will hide our stuff from us. not mine but this was post!

Fox kits with partial melanism (brown), leucistic (the lighter, middle one), and melanistic (darker) traits

Three fox kits on San Juan Island, Washington state. They live wild on the meadows. That is a rabbit fence behind them, not a cage. Photo by sea turtle