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Campanha do 38º Anuário do CCSP criada pela CP+B.

Campanha do 38º Anuário do CCSP criada pela CP+B.

I'm not interested in getting married in church is more romantic. For all life's twists and turns: Flexible financial plans. - SwissLife

Swiss Life Ad: For All Life's Twists And Turns (Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich) / Cannes Lions Gold Lion (Craft – Copywriting)

10 Brilliant Ads That Are All Just Words. Via Turkey. Tivibu is a TiVo-type product. The least clever of the three campaigns, but still simple and effective.

10 Brilliant Ads That Are All Just Words

Dr. John Mullally promotes his dental practice in Muskegon, Michigan with these innovative fliers. If you’re not in his neck of the woods, feel free to mimic his idea.

LOVE THIS! "Dentist Telephone Pole Flyer With Tear-Off Teeth Dr. John Mullaly, a dentist in Muskegon, MI, came up with a creative approach to advertising his dental services by posting telephone pole flyers with tear-off teeth.

(991) Brands and Branding: What is the funniest tagline/marketing slogan ever? - Quora

To all those who use our competitor’s products: Happy Father’s Day, Durex Ad

The Lord of the Ring Ring Rings. Don't let the phone interrupt your movie. - Tivibu

Don’t let the doorbell/phone interrupt your movies Advertising Agency: TBWA\Istanbul, Turkey Via