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I want a heart like this 7 year old. This note made my day!
Amar a si mesmo faz parte de um processo fundamental em nossas vidas, que nos permitirá amar os outros de uma forma mais sincera e verdadeira.
Thank you so much for listening to this podcast and reading my blog. You make all of this possible and I appreciate you so much. I can’t believe this is episode 100. Here’s to a few hundred more! Today, I want to share some of my own stories with you to give you a quick snapshot of my journey. From this, you will quickly see that when you expect easy, you’ll only get difficult. This is because success was never meant to be easy.   Click link to read or listen: http://asmithblog.com/easy/
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Aranhas subiram em árvores para escapar das inundações no Paquistão. Milhares delas fizeram teias ali mesmo.
I wanted to keep my favorite quotes in one place, so here you go: http://asmithblog.com/my-favorite-quotes/ // What is your favorite quote?
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Kids are quick
The Three Traits of Great Social Entrepeneurs