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Vovó Moderninha: Planejando as Tarefas de Casa.

I like the clock diary.

Porta Recados com prendedor de roupa | Pra Gente Miúda

Tacky glue, oversize clothespins, scrapbook decor: a recipe card holder or kids' artwork holder.

Circular Calendar

so tiered of box calendars

Hops Chart

Be-a-Bá da Lupulagem: A Escolha do Lúpulo

The Hops Chart. Visualizing Bitterness, Flavors & Aromas of Beer Brewing Hops. by via Adventures in Homebrewing from the Designer, Zeke Shore: 66 Varieties of commerciall…

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Custom Bamboo Interior Design Portfolio Book

Custom caramel bamboo portflio book with cut-out treatment

Encontre aqui as melhores opções de presentes para o dia dos namorados, confira as opções e surpreenda o seu amor! Dia dos namorados não precisa ser sinônimo de flores, cinema e jantar. Você pode bem mais do que isso para arrancar sorrisos e suspiros do seu mozão. Nesse post você vai encontrar muitas ideias que …

Presentes para o dia dos namorados

A present for every hour on your spouse’s birthday…what a cute idea to keep them feeling special all day long! (Good idea for kids too!) A present for every hour…

Like the colors.  The "all natural" is an ok font, but I would like something a bit less sloppy still.  The image is simple and elegant, but all the fun is in the 2nd cursive font ................................................. DESIGN SITE.

Organic logo design and brand board // by Heart & Arrow // Love cursive font & color scheme

Com o SwatchMate Cube, você pode capturar a cor de absolutamente QUALQUER coisa a sua volta;

Capture a cor de qualquer coisa com o Cube

The Palette Cube portable color digitizer is capable of storing up to 20 different colours at a time, and is simply placed on a colour with a simple

Study for yourself

My Kate Spade Planners first trip to the office at uni! I havent been in for a while, so it is a nice change of scenery

A desconstrução de uma agenda

The Notebook Watch Diary, consists of two things: a clock and a stack of papers. The cards have distinctive lines around the clock with the time to help you schedule your day properly.