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Choosing the right eye shadow for brown eyes means taking into account the strength of your eye color, your complexion, and your hair color; the question of what you’re wearing is the last thing you should consider. You want to use an eye shadow that’s as different as possible from your natural eye color. You can use warmer or cooler shades depending on the occasion, the time of day, and your desired look.

Tanned brunettes with brown eyes should look for eye shadows that are creamy and bright. Pale lavender or rich sea green looks great; you can add a cool off-white or gray underneath and blend for a sm (Best Eyeliner For Brown Eyes)

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Start with the Color Wheel When choosing eye shadow shades that will show off your big brown eyes, start with the color wheel!  Brown eyes are usually a mix of red and orange shades, but it also a neutral...

The Best Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you are a brunette with brown eyes, then you know it’s a challenge making your eyes pop. Do you stay with neutrals, dare to add in color

This is a handy little site that shows you how to apply eyeshadow depending on your eye shape. Pin now read later.

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How to apply eye shadow depending on your eye shape.I just need to know how to apply eye shadow, period.

A guide on how to do eye shadow make up.

Here's how to apply eyeshadow step by step with the top eye makeup tutorial. These easy eyeshadow tips will contour your eye with a flawless finish.

Apply golden brown eye shadow and finish it off with brown eyeliner and brow eyebrow pencil.

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Best Color Eyeliner For Brown Eyes can add visual top to your brown eyes by some simple tips. The eyeliner colors for the brown eyes are variable and all these