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Peter Davison (Five), Jon Pertwee (Three), Patrick Troughton (Two) and Richard Hurndall (One, in place of William Hartnell, who died in 1975) carry a Tom Baker (Four) wax figure during a photoshoot for "The Five Doctors"

Tom Baker wouldn't pose for the six Doctors picture so here are the other Doctors carrying his wax statue.


For a second I thought rose was on the screen but it's Molly from red dwarf

Ten is like I thought we agreed that was off limits!!!

Ahahahaha that's so evil! The super smug grin on Matts face at the end is perfect! :) in the end im an eleven girl

Four with Sarah-Jane

Sarah Jane Smith - The all time number 1 Companion! The Fourth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith -- That scarf = LOVE

I must rejoin this meme each time it is seen on principle.

The most awesome images on the Internet

Ignore the stupid song rip-off. Look at that eyebrow. I adore that eyebrow. Second best eyebrow in the business, that eyebrow.

Perfection, just perfection

Rose and Ten - This is one of my favorite, old Ralph Lauren campaigns ever. To see Rose and Ten in it makes my heart happy.

time travel

The 3 Types of Time Travel… and Doctor Who is a mixture of all three, hence the big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

Well this is adorable...

Young Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt smith, and Peter Capaldi. Oh my freaking gosh Matt smith and David Tennant never changed!