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Yes! All my girls!!

Both of my daughter's, although their grown. I still remember that very Blessed day, they came into my life. Thank you Lord

Madre e hija amor usted la mayoría con por RoseHillDesignStudio

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Life Quote: Once you bring kids into the world, it’s not about you anymore. – Tony Gaskins The post Once You Bring Kids into the World appeared first on Live Life Happy.

If only everyone realized this.

Children are a precious gift from God not a mistake or a burden

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A mothers prayer for realistic people. I heart Tina. Future "maybe" one? xD)children, this is the truth. Anywho this is funny and a nice read also. Go Tina Fey!

I'm a bad ass ;) it's hard being both parents, but it sure as hell beats seeing the heartbreak and disappointed look on their faces every time those sweet girls get let down...

Any woman can be a mother, but it tkaes a bad-ass mom to be a dad too. **Not by choice but.somebodies gotta do it .so I might as well be bad ass at it.

quote milk child matters

When the milk is splattered all over the floor, and those little eyes are looking at you for a reaction, remember what really matters. It takes 5 minutes to clean up spilled milk. It takes much longer to clean up a broken spirit.