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Harry Styles looks like a model, even when he isnt trying

Black pea coat, simple white t-shirt + black slim jeans. This look is defined by the coat, the shoes + the hair. 3 combination that equals a street styled perfection.

Harry styles when One Direction went to Ghana,Africa this picture makes my heart melt!

Day My favorite picture of Harry. Well I have so many favorites and I was looking through and I saw this picture! I love this picture. I love how Happy he is and it just makes my heart melt every time I see this picture!

I love this boy for so many reasons... So sweet, the little cupcake!

This is my favorite picture. He's looking at the camera, his hair is beautiful, and his dimple is perfect <<<<<<< so true.

Harry Styles

Wonder if Lou took that water bottle for one of the Lilo water fights?

Harry Styles

Anyone notice that the leaf tattoos on his hips are covering up a phrase he had there before? Anyone know what the phrase was?


harry styles imagine Harry at ur guy's wedding while ur dad walks behind him to keep an eye on his little girl as some would say!

Que homem é lindo

Hairy heartthrob: But while the boyband greeted their loyal fans in the Mexican capital, the band - in particular Harry Styles - appear to have found a new fan in the shape of Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin

If you carry scrolling after this and ur a harry girl then you should seriously rethink wether you love him or not.