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The "tightening" of braces can also be fun and colorful because the rubber bands used with braces now come in an array of hues that can be changed with each appointment. Patients can coordinate the color of their bands with their school colors, a particular holiday or even their changing moods. Braces are now even worn as a fashion statement nowadays!

Another example of patient centered care is what orthodontists can do. They allow their patients to choose colored elastics to put on their braces. Though it's not a grand gesture, it's allowing their patients to feel involved in some decision making.

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Keep from Having White Spots when Your Braces Come Off

radio braces - Years ago there were reports of people hearing the radio on their fillings. At the time, radio was different. There were only a few stations and they were all AM. People also used crystals to listen to the radio. The crystal set consisted of a "ceramic insulator" much like a tooth covered by a metal piece which was like a bracket. Crystal radios could pick up AM signals when they were close to the AM station. People claimed to have heard the radio on their fillings when they…

If you are coloring your eye shadow in indigo then you can choose the dark cobalt color supports your teeth - blue braces.

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Girls With Braces: Who doesn't love a colorful look like this? Try Rainbow bands!

Why Is Early #Orthodontic #Treatment Important?

It’s important to take your child early for orthodontic treatment if there’s an issue with misaligned teeth and jawlines.

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I've never had braces before. But I find braces so cute ^-^

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