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The Real Flying Nun! The courage to play --- Nun on a skateboard! Her face speaks for itself! And I thought I was the only one!

Smoking nuns

Black & White Graham Bromley, Dirty Habit Not all who are virtuous are vice-free, as witnessed in this amusing snapshot of a group of nuns enjoy a cigarette break.



"Candy Cigarette," 1989 by Sally Mann


Fuck the weak allah. Fuck the all worthless god. Fuck jesus the rapist. Fuck the child molesting pope. Fuck it all!

#skateboarding ..anyone can do it

Kick Flip that bad boy, Man of God!

Monks having fun

Funny pictures about Pursuit of Happiness: Buddhist monks on roller coaster. Oh, and cool pics about Pursuit of Happiness: Buddhist monks on roller coaster. Also, Pursuit of Happiness: Buddhist monks on roller coaster.


Well behaved nuns rarely make history, whereas beer swilling, guitar playing ones make a name for themselves.

Vaste Blague                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Confidence is sexy. Beauty is power. All women are beautiful in different ways, when we embrace that beauty, is when we shine.

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Street art is for all ages. Please, try to look beyond her age. Sometimes people get a kick out of the elderly doing things the young folks do- '' Oh, how cute. ''I wish our culture would not be so hung up on youth and beauty, but that is just how it is


These nuns are sweet my friend went to them in Oklahoma .

nuns playing in the ocean PRICELESS..

If someone asks me what is friendship? I would sit next to you, pull you close to me, put my arms around you and say proudly this is friendship. thanks for being a wonderful friend. Autres photos de Friendship Begins Here Motivational Quotes

Smile for me!

Symbol: Holy Spirit is definitely the symbol of the Holy Orders because Holy Spirit is same as God. Pope Francis is with Holy Spirit in this picture and this absolutely symbolize that the Pope is with God and blessed by God.


From our occassional series "Nuns and Balls" - Sister Euphemia goes for another strike.

14 baci famosi per San Valentino

14 baci famosi per San Valentino

19 Kisses Captured At The Perfect Moment: Marlene Dietrich kisses a GI as he arrives home from World War II in this is just a heart warming beautiful photo.

Suora pazza per il pc

She Found the Meaning In her Life "Internet" ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails


Infamous Cuban Cigar Lady ~ I love her face