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December 29 2015 at cyberpunkonline.

Different file types serve various purposes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons of a particular file type are what may make it more useful over another.

Infographic: The Missing Guide to File Types

Business infographic & data visualisation Missing Guide to File Types {Infographic} (Computer Tech Website). Infographic Description Missing Guide to Fil

Colorful Illustrations by Pete Reynolds  After several years as a designer Pete Reynolds went back to his first love : illustration. These multidisciplinary skills allow the artist to develop his own style from varied and diverse inspirations often marked by dark humor. We present this series of his commissioned by the San Francisco Shipyard. The colorful illustrations tell the story of a new life on the old shipyard. Discover for of his inspiring work on his website Follow the light…

Colorful Illustrations by Pete Reynolds

Colorful Illustrations by Pete Reynolds – Fubiz Media


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is documenting the apocalypse

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Hold That Thought on Behance

Here are 25 amazing examples of glitch typography that are based on the idea that making things go wrong can be fascinating in its own way.

Google 画像検索結果: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6rgim1qGW1rzdktdo1_500.gif

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Ayers Rock Australia 2 - biel - Kraje, miasta i krajobrazy - tkaniny.net

Ayers Rock Australia 2 - biel - Kraje, miasta i krajobrazy - tkaniny.net