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People keep putting "teenager post".. This is the same thing in college. If one person treats the professor bad they tend to treat everyone horrible

People keep putting "teenager post". If one person treats the professor bad they tend to treat everyone horrible

I reach for it & I'm just so DISAPPOINTED and mad at myself.

Or when they brake you come up with clever ideas to fix them . <<I don't have curly hair, but I see where you're coming from.


Oh my gosh YES every time! I've got two hands with tools and 5 cotton balls in my mouth, Dentist "So how's school?" Me "uh huh" Dentist "keep your mouth open please"

Teenager post

When you hear your parents say your name in conversation so you secretly try to listen.

Oh my gosh. Someone else obviously does this because they pinned it. Every bathroom I go into. I check the shower for murderers. I even check empty bathroom stalls when I go to public restrooms just in case.

Teenager Post - My bed is more comfortable in the morning than it is at night.

I do this!

Relatable Post what happens if its a kpop song though and you can't remember the the english words.

Teenager Posts

Funny thing is, most of the time I know the answer, but I don't raise my hand because I'm so shy. And when I don't that's when the teacher just has to callon me.

More with my dad though... Then when I get downstairs it's to tell me he loves me lol i'm like, "If u really loved me u wouldn't make me get up!" lol


Or Mom: *Calls you* You: What? Mom: Nvm I already did it You: *starts cussing in head 'cause ur mad that u had to get up*