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Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse has made some very funny and clever illustrations. His witty illustrations give words to the animals, food or any object that can’t speak. His funny illustrations prove […]

Human Heart Wall art Anatomy study print Medicine art by PRRINT

Artistic Anatomical Illustrations on White Dictionary Paper Spanish shop PRRINT (previously featured here) composes vintage prints with a contemporary sensibility on dictionary book pages. By infusing.

Format like this but inside a bottle?

Illustrator Svabhu Kohli celebrates the splendor of the natural world with intricate works of art. The multi-layered images depict the oceans and cosmos. The world in a pill.

Alexandra Levasseur #art #painting

Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s Artwork. Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s artwork puts into scene tormented feminine figures in dream-like landscapes.

Gorgeous boy post beat down.  How much longer, the acceptance of "gay bashing?" I lost my front teeth in a gay beat down.  Horrendous!!!

Georgia or Georgia Theologou Th, Greek self-taught artist who makes portraits something disturbing. The artist creates his works combining media.