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Ex-TJs de Portugal falam sobre o horror de que se livraram

Watchtower Society warns congregations that a gruesome death and destruction is unavoidable if one is not a Jehovah's Witness.

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Armageddon, JW-Style

Armageddon - Revelation Its Grand Climax p.233

Watchtower Society image of destruction that comes to anyone who is not a member of the Jehovah's Witness religion

Can You Live Forever?  John 3:16 > Everlasting Life through Jesus Christ

Can You Live Forever?

Can You Live Forever? John > Everlasting Life through Jesus Christ

Truth be told....    And then the money concept is but another arbitrary creation of man, as it all started.

Evolution of God

Evolution of god. This is such a sad fact for many people.

There is no logic in creationism.

Yes think about it and read the bible! After Seth, Adam was 130 then he "begot sons and daughters" [Genesis < So many incest in that Bible.

How To Get Away With Molesting Children – Join The Jehovah’s Witnesses.  There is a HUGE cover up of sex abuse that is finally coming to light. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE you even think about studying with this cult. Please. Once you are in, your life in forever changed.

How To Get Away With Molesting Children – Join The Jehovah’s Witnesses

Watchtower Feb 15 2010

Quotes showing the Watchtower teaches only Jehovah's Witnesses will be saved, and a discussion of why this is illogical. JWFacts is a site designed to make it as simple and quick as possible to determine if Jehovah's Witnesses have the truth


Atheists seem to spend as much time trying to "disprove" religion as hypocrite religious people spend trying to prove it just like the enlightened "no religion" religion 🤔🤔🤔 I don't care if anyone else believes what I believe or doesn't it's MY BELIEF.

Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses. Visit their website at www.aawa.co

An international association providing support for those affected by the Watchtower Society.

I mean, what's a woman's worth anyway?

Bible Morals: Bible Literalist presents: Where do you get your morals from? Lot's Story: Bring them out that we may "know" them! No, I won't let you fuck my guests. But you can have my virgin daughters instead!