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#wattpad #fanfic We are not alive         We are surviving every time       We are not alive          Only dreams inside our minds  Newt não queria tal vida para si. Não queria ter que fazer tais coisas banais.  Mas ele não podia mudar seu destino. O mesmo destino que adorava brincar com sua vida, como se ela fosse...

Home - Newtmas [Hiatus] - I

Read I from the story Home - Newtmas [Hiatus] by Mortalitel (dongsaeng) with 130 reads.

Well can I at least have some dam french fries? << From the dam snack bar?

that was my fave part of all the books: I need to use the dam restroom. I need dam French fries. Anyone got a dam cheeseburger?

Percabeth. So. Cute.

Describes the behavior that every teenage boy needs to master

Lost Hero book cover <-- I like the other one better <---- I didn't even know they were making new covers for the second series.

Dutch cover for The Heroes of Olympus, Book The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan.

Newt lookin' up for his Tommy -----> every time he's like, "the shuck wrong with chu now Tommeh?!"

Mama noot lookin' out for his Tommy -----> every time he's like, "the shuck wrong with chu now Tommeh?

Nico di Angelo...( An Asa Butterfield's horror secrets) - Wattpad <<<< Asa needs to be Nico :3

Another good Titan's Curse movie cover. But it would be butchered like the first and second movie.