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The story about how "Wake Me Up When September Ends" came to be. You hear that? That's the sound of millions of Green Day's hearts shattering.

The person who posted this before me said green day. It isn't green day. It was one boy who is part of green day, Billy Joe Armstrong.

Trè is like "Cool a bird" BillieJoe is like "I look so fucking punk right now And Mike is like "Don't make eye contact. Don't make eye contact!

I have never seen such a talented band. Billie Joe Armstrong is such a huge inspiration to me.

That's TRE stealing Coke. Classic... I honestly get all my best antics from these guys

That's TRE for you stealing Coke. only true idiots would understand.

Me When The Teacher Ask Me A question I Don't Lnow The Answer To XD

He always looks so damn gorgeous no matter what! Even at his dorkiest moments XD

Reason 9, 130, 980, 860 why Mike is a lovely human being

Billie Joe saw a child being beaten during a show once. He jumped off the stage and missile drop kicked the man in the face!

Tre:"oh god the fan girls RUN!"<< im so much like tre omg XD

Billie dosent give a single crap I am dYING<<<<he's just like "eh that's the fifth time he's done it"<<<<oml

Green Day Photos: A Look Back at the Punk Trio's Career Pictures | Rolling Stone

Green Day Photos: A Look Back at the Punk Trio's Career

Billie Joe Armstrong performing American Idiot for the first time on September 2004 in Hollywood, California. Now we know why Tyler wears red socks.


They're usually not lol but once I almost made my mom crash the car bc green day came on oops>> 😂