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joan fontaine

A classic actress is usually defined as actresses from the "Studio Era" in Hollywood wherein a studio outright bought an actor or actress's right to (Page.

Joan Fontaine, pictured in 1936, was one of Alfred Hitchcock's famed blondes and the only actor to ever win an Oscar for one of his movies

Oscar winner Joan Fontaine, 96, dies of natural causes at home

Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland (October 1917 - December better known as Joan Fontaine, younger sister of Olivia DeHavilland.

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There's nothing in the world so satisfying as acting in something you love" - Happy Birthday to Joan Fontaine, who would have been 99 today

Olivia De Hallivand and Joan Fontaine

Actress Olivia de Havilland (left) with her sister, actress Joan Fontaine, circa (© Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

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Danny Lyon. "Conversations with the Dead" USA. Huntsville, Texas. 1968. The Walls is a walled penitentiary, it is the oldest unit of the system and is located near the center of the town of Huntsville. Meal line.

Jail scene: Danny Lyon's The Meal Line in the Walls from Huntsville, Estimate to