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Bimarstan - Damascus, Dimashq - .Syria-

This photo from Dimashq, South is titled 'Bimarstan'.

Damascus, Syria. Here is where I will wander ancient streets and think about all the history around me. But I will make friends there among the ladies, and together we will marvel at the architecture and giggle about things beneath our veils and go shopping in the market and barter with the sellers.

Merchants and craftsmen have sold their wares outside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria for hundreds of years. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. by Christopher Herwig, Aurora

ASIA - DAMASCUS, SYRIA - In the old market

In the old market of Damascus. How I miss bargaining with the shop owners who mistook me for a Western fool that had a stash of cash and wouldn't question price.

Hidden away in a rural setting, Apamea holds a superb colonnaned Roman street even longer than that in Palmyra. Syria: the Bradt Guide www.bradtguides.com

Cannot wait to visit Syria with my sister and Syrian brother-in-law once peace has been established.

Old Street in Aleppo, Syria

Old Street in Aleppo, Syria. Syria was invaded by Napoleon at the end of his Egyptian Campaign in

Dome of the Treasury in Umayyad Mosque | Damascus, Syria (West Asia)

Mosque in Damascus, the capital of Syria. Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.