I'm crying...

Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson, he was a hero who should never be forgotten for his amazing talent.

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Is so cute how his first kiss was Tina but last was Tina on glee bc he dated Brittany and Kittty

I'm laughing so hard

Melissa ❤️ on

You would think kurt and Brittany are together and Blaine and Rachel are together, neeevvvveeeer

Finchel compared to the notebook

The Notebook vs. Also note how in Notebook Noah's friend was called Fin and In Glee Finn's friend was called Noah

#Glee 6x07 "Transitioning" - Rachel and Sam

Rachel tells Sam about the house being sold Glee season 6 episode 7 "Transitioning"

This just made me cry a lot. - Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones

The divas show us the best version of humanity, the music is their way. # The real diva.

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Ugh why did his last line have to be in the 2009 throwback episode? Looking at it this way makes it look like Puck never really changed, when he had a HUGE character arc.

Yes my gay sons

I'm not usually one to contradict Burt Hummel, but no, no no. Door closed and preferably locked if possible. I will be more than happy to stand guard if need be.