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12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Siamese Cats please note this is tongue and cheek. More of a tribute to Siamese cats.

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The desert cat aka sand cat, sand dune cat, (Felis margarita) is the only cat living foremost in true deserts. lives only in the Sahara desert

* * " If de Little Black Box voice recorder izn't damaged whens de plane crashs; howz come de whole plane izn't made of dat stuff?"

Cute meowy wanted to play with Woofy inside the box . Yes, Meowy is delighted and waits patiently for Woofy.

Top chef.

self-satisfied le chef kitty on the recipe board- you knew it had to happen ^.

the cutest cuddling kittens. pic.twitter.com/8SsxigZfyB

Emergency Kittens on

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Look at this gorgeous black cat! A tribute to the beautiful black cats who once owned us. Jake, Tom and Tess

~ Does it get any more precious than this? Don't think so! ~

Awwww! How Cute! - 7th August 2014