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The Penny Bun mushroom represents the wild mushroom par excellence. It was given the appropriate nickname 'Penny Bun' because of it's well-baked colour and round shape. Whole caps are excellent grilled!

The Blusher (Amanita rubescens)

mushroom perfect fungus by lukas faturik - The Panther Amanita

Shaggy Ink Cap Mushrooms (Coprinus comatus)

Shaggy Ink Cap Mushrooms (Coprinus comatus) The shaggy ink cap is easily recognizable from its almost cylindical cap which initially covers most of its stem. The cap is mostly white with shaggy.

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The Diversity of Expression: #Mushrooms appearing on Flipboard   https://flipboard.com/@kathyarria/mushrooms-i9ig7vqjz?utm_content=buffer5cb81&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer  #fungus

The Diversity of Expression: Mushrooms appearing on Flipboard

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Coprinellus by Bernard Spragg. NZ -- A little spot for the Fairies, Mr. Toad, and Sir Salamander to hangout!

A pretty fungus among us

An Eye-Opening Documentary Of The Ancient Fly Agaric Mushroom (Amanita Muscaria)

f໐ll໐ຟ ๓ฯ ຖēຟ ๖໐คr໓ ¢໐ງน๓ēl໐Ş ēt li¢hēຖ II

f໐ll໐ຟ ๓ฯ ຖēຟ ๖໐คr໓ ¢໐ງน๓ēl໐Ş ēt li¢hēຖ II

Entoloma murraii

Yellow Unicorn Entoloma (Entoloma murrayi) … aka “Unicorn Pinkgill”, is a species of fungus in the Entolomataceae family. Found in wet forests of eastern North America, Central and South America, and southeast Asia, the fungus produces yellow mushrooms.

Russula virescens...a seriously tasty 'safe' mushroom!

Green Cracking Russula (Russula Virescens) Edible with caution.

Pink Mushrooms

Elegant Pink Mushrooms, so pretty and unusual. I have always loved Pink. I know it's in Vogue right Now, But it's always been my favorite Color. My bedroom furniture as a Girl was all Pink. I had the coolest room. Thanks Mom.

Amanita Xanthocephala

The Vermilion Grisette, also known as Pretty Grisette or Vermilion Amanita (Amanita xanthocephala) (most beautiful photo I've ever seen of this species!