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((I'll try this with Jean, but IDK if I have enough experience with drawing men.))
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Real Women's Bodies what about Real Men's Bodies | yes!
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Moda Masculina: mais básico, mas na moda! meia colorida em roupa social, vem ver! mais em http://www.deatwilightzone.com.br/2015/04/meias-coloridas-para-homens.html
Black history fact, at around 711 C.E. ( A.D. ) , the African Moors, introduced the common bath to Europeans. They also introduced the use of undergarments and linen wear.
Manly Gift: I did this for my father in law"s birthday. I didn't want to just give him his socks and belt without making it presentable. I also did not want to wrap it in a box as he is a manly man and would have accepted the gift graciously but also given me a little smirk. Great way to man up a gift with simple twine.

26 Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts for Men – They’ll Actually Want!

Never forget that when British say pants, they are talking about their underwear.