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'And you just can't stand the reality or sadness anymore so that you'd wish to die as soon as possible,' -Kazaya

Charlotte - Otosaka Yuu Anime is really amazing. Its the only series/movies that made me cry.

Ban, meliodas, and King funny text

the seven deadly sins anime funny - Safer Browser Yahoo Canada Image Search Results

Anime: Ao Haru Ride Futaba x Kou

Anime: Ao Haru Ride Futaba x Kou >>> I admit I had this fear when my best friend and I went off to different colleges after high school graduation, but our friendship stayed just as strong and it was amazing!

Traduction FR : Les gens endommagés sont dangereux. Ils savent comment faire de l'Enfer un chez toi

Damaged people are dangerous they know how to make hell feel like home

charlotte ☄️ and Tomako market/Tomako love story and others

And music told me this: "Sometimes it's ok not to be ok. But it's not fine to sit around and blame yourself. Stand up and fight, you won't die from it!

I wonder why hell- is in hell-o and good- is in good-bye?

When you know your depression and anxiety is so intense, you can literally feel your body slowly dying.

متعب أن تكون شخصاً طبيعياً لا إنه ممل  Tokyo Ghoul

Firet couple seconds- personal pose-- star boy starts playing-- creepy as shit zoom transition to mass blood bendeing scene.-- zuztara scene of fingers bending down.- lightning flashes of au selfs

(1) Mangapanda

Oh, sorry. I forgot that i only exist when you need something. -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/Oh, lo siento. Olvidé que sólo existo cuando se necesita algo.

Life can be hard sometimes. Remember to keep trying.

In life experience is the hardest type of teacher: it gives you the Test first and the Lessons afterwards.

Emotionally I'm done, mentally I'm drained, spiritually I feel dead, physically I smile, text, sad, Yukine; Noragami

Yukine- noragami -Emotionally I'm done, mentally I'm drained, spiritually I feel dead, physically I smile, text