Kapibara ile Yavrusu

Schönbrunn Zoo Welcomes Capybara Pups 1 capybara mader Introduced last April, Capybaras Nancy and Sam hit it off immediately at Schönbrunn Zoo in Austria. After a gestation period of about six months, Nancy gave birth to three healthy pups on November

We shall carefully sneak outta here.

We shall carefully sneak outta here.

Let's see what else in on the shelf.  Hmm, a leetle schmear of bunneh for texture.

Shining a light on the injustice that is capybara privilege. We non-capybaras will not keep silent!

Capybara. Mom is gonna get this as a gag gift one day. It will make for a nice trip to Texas with my hubby!

Pay attention to this Capybara-not the big fire that can destroy all humans in the background.

カピバラほど好かれる生き物なんているだろうか…他の動物に愛されている写真いろいろ - ライブドアニュース

カピバラほど好かれる生き物なんているだろうか…他の動物に愛されている写真いろいろ - ライブドアニュース

The Capybaras may be the most likable animal, according to the other animals Pictures]