Sala stampa di Eleanor 11x14 di Emily Winfield Martin

bibliolectors: Tarde de domingo (ilustración de Emily Winfield Martin) Make it just one orange cat, and this could be me.

A beautifully dressed woman in a kimono flips through a book of Japanese prints.


Hashiguchi Goyo 橋口五葉 Illustration: Japanese woman in a kimono studies a book of prints

Long Liyou 06 (*1953) There are so many details here; love all the fabric patterns too.

Long Liyou (龙力游)

Long Liyou (龙力游) Complementary color scheme of blue & orange.

A room full of books AND a cat? This is my future.

A girl in butterflies, her black cat, and tons of books! (Illustration by Erwin Madrid) This is like me when I was little.minus the cat. so in awe of all those books just waiting to be read!

Sweet! Story Time by Knut Ekwall. (Portrait Of The Artist's Father And Daughter)

Story Time (Portrait Of The Artist`s Father And Daughter) century by Ekvall Knut

Reading and Art: Albert Anker

"Alte Frau", also known as "Old Woman" (Date unknown), by Swiss artist - Albert Anker Medium unknown, Dimensions unknown, Owner/Location unknown.