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Back in the day, Trix cereal used to be little fruit shapes. Now, they're just round and boring. What if they're still fruit shaped, but I just can't see them because I'm a silly adult rabbit and Trix are for kids?

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I'm laughing out loud at the Hot Cross Buns reference. One-a-penny-two-a-penny-hot-cross-buns.

Lmao @Sandra Schaaf did you wear your street clothes today?

Street Names - - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

They seriously need to have this in stores.

Well played Target, well played Alot of beer pong at college no worries mom

If a guy decides to cheat on me, his whole world will come crashin' down. Hahaha!!

Scorned girlfriend pens scavenger hunt breakup letter for cheating boyfriend so awesome lmao

Goodnight babe.

How to reply to a message from your ex - funny :) . can't stop laughing xD


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In this picture, it is evident that shadows are not always what they seem. Shadows seem to distort the truth. In the novel, shadows are a prime example of how distorted truth and obscurity are symboli (Fotos Cool Ideas)

Taylor Swift

OMG this is hilarious! Taylor Swift's song in a chart! >> this is the best thing ever!