Extinction is forever

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Please: Look at the comments below for a good laugh or a hard cry....

Learn about the ugliness of Speciesism and the part YOU play in it. Be vegan and take a moral stand against ALL forms of animal cruelty, exploitation and commodification. Stand for animal liberation and justice for ALL.

Very pointless argument. I may not be a vegan but I try to stand by the ones who don't push their diet in our faces all the time. People don't need to be bashing vegans, either. Let's all just eat what we want!

People trying to defend their selfish habits.not a valid argument

People need to stop paying $$ for cheap crap thats not healtht for you and not supporting good husbandry practices.

Shocking Facts About Factory Farmed Animals [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shocking Facts About Factory Farmed Animals [INFOGRAPHIC]. Profit over living beings. I despise factory farming!

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love animals? don't eat them #vegan

I despise animals, I'm a Nasty Anglo Norman & I hate animals, that includes other human animals !

I just want to hug this little cow and give her lots of love! They will NEVER be harmed by me. I refuse to eat the flesh of a living, breathing, emotional animal. I REFUSE.

For them, it's life itself. When we tagged humans, we called it the holocaust; most people don't even flinch at seeing number tags attached to animals. They feel, suffer, and want freedom as much as any human being does.

Photos by Sharon Montrose. Text added by unknown.

“Why are you vegan?” Now there’s a question i get asked too much. Because i have compassion for animals, for all living breathing seeing things.