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HJ-Story Love is... Sweet hug - HJ-Story

HJ-Story Love is. Sweet hug - I like sweet smelling hugs! Unfortunately, I’m not sure it Kate feels the same since I can sometimes get quite sweaty….

My wondergirl....

HJ Story - My wondergirl creates so many wonders for my life.

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Love is the little things and simple but very happy

HJ-Story :: Best Birthday Present | Tapas - image 1

It’s quite strange each time of the year drawing an HJS episode for my own birthday, but this year I received the most unique and previous present from Kate, little Chase.

This image has special meaning to me on many different level. In our lives there'll be bound to be dark, rainy, days. In those gloomy days, remember that there's still love and that life is colorful. This piece though simple, represents many of the messages and idea of HJ-Story, hoping to add a bit of color in everyone's daily life.

Just want to show 1 of the limited Print available for HJ-Story Book campaign at…

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I wish to beat up the GREEN MONSTER who likes to be in our ears to tell us what to do and it's friggin' wrong, to make us feel empty & weak. Stupid ass green monster *flick flick flick* (ass monkey it is, I flicked him off :P haha)

Una campaña gráfica para que cedas tu asiento a las embarazadas en el bus

Shanghai designer Shiyang He creates a series of ads encouraging public transportation patrons to give up their seats for those carrying precious cargo

Just a very random idea that popped into my head… how do YOU bait for a kiss?

HJ-Story Kiss Bait - HJ-Story - Just a very random idea that popped into my head… how do YOU bait for a kiss?