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Artista cria lindas mandalas com flores - Casa

Artista cria lindas mandalas com flores

Kathy Klein 2

Mandalas criadas com flores por Kathy Klein

Mandalas criadas com flores por Kathy Klein

Mandalas criadas com flores por Kathy Klein

Arizona artist Kathy Klein channels her spirituality and love of nature into colorful, plant-based mandalas.

Ode to nature: 15 intricate floral mandalas

Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein

Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein.love the vibrant colors and the meticulous placement of every leaf, flower petal, and pine cone is these natural mandalas

Beautiful mandala art created with fresh flowers and other organic materials, by Kathy Klein an Arizona, USA based-artist.

Beautiful Mandalas Made From Flowers by Kathy Klein

Flower mandala

Flower mandalas by Kathy Klein

Mandalas are Key for your Mind-- DrewdruDrew.Com If you can make a successful one, it really sets your Soul at ease. I cannot explain it, but I will testify to the power of the Mandala. That and Walking Prayer. Flower mandalas by artist Kathy Klein

Mesmerizing Mandalas Made From Flowers and Vegetables

For Danmala, Arizona-based artist Kathy Klien constructs vibrant mandalas from organic materials, including flowers and produce gathered from her friends’ gardens as well as her own Cornville farm.

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Blue Flower Mandala Fractal Small Square Tile Artwork designed by Star Gift Shop

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New Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein

Artist Kathy Klein arranges flowers and other natural objects into beautiful mandala-like patterns that she calls "danmalas.

Also thinking about getting a mandala. This one has amazing colors. I love the lines as well. Want something with a little more of a ragged edge, though.

The Sanskrit term mandala roughly translates to "magic or sacred circle." Carl G. Jung noted that when we draw mandalas from the center outward, we tend to process our personal issues or challenges and often gain increased clarity and energy.

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