You can adopt 1, and must have a name for her when you adopt. I adopted the librarian and named her Wren

Minecraft girls: Amelia the librarian, Diana the priestess, sheila the farmer…

minecraft anime

Minecraft supercharged creeper by rammkiler on DeviantArt. (So scary and awesome at the same time)

That time someone made a minecraft hentai and it was good

minecraft anime this this would make me frustrated when a seemingly innocent creeper keeps blowing up my @ cellar T.

Minecraft manga villager comic.(Translated, Part1) by on @DeviantArt

Credit to the Artist, Flammarivla the Inventor of the mob Talker mod and who translated this.

#10at10, #AlternateFeatures, #Feature, #ifunncleanup, #cringe

Just meme it!

#10at10, #AlternateFeatures, #Feature, #ifunncleanup, #cringe

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Minecraft Anime


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