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Another reason why GerIta ought to be canon

Another reason why GerIta ought to be canon---it's quite Canon already, what with the buon San Valentino thing ww

Hetalia. England, Arthur Kirkland

Read England from the story Imágenes Locas De Hetalia by RollalPapa (RollalPapita) with 294 reads.

I'm somewhere in this earth... Heheheheheh he said I'm his  http://teapavse.com/all-about-tea/

Excuse me, but let's not forget that Portugal owned half of the world!


Romano strikes again! Better watch out Germany, you potato jerk!

I'd take a bath with America any day ;3 Lucky Japan -_- << I'd take a bath with either of them tbh.

hetalia Ameripan for the win

hetalia comparison | deviantART: More Like Pangea Hetalia by ~Leia2222

hetalia comparison see English dub isn't so bad so stop judging people by wether they watch dub or sub.judge them by wether they watch anime or not XD