Never saw anything like this.  Very Clever - Hanging terrarium light.

New glass! This is something new we have been trialling lately and we think we have finally got it. This cactus garden has been loving the light and we, in turn, are loving it! PERHAPS A SOLAR LIGHT?

The Slug and the Squirrel - Terrarium necklaces from old pocket watches

Using the watch shape as a terrarium! The Slug and the Squirrel - Terrarium necklaces from old pocket watches

Um desses com certeza adicionaria magia ao seu quarto <3  Inspirada pelo filme Princesa Mononoke de Hayo Miyazaki, uma mãe resolveu presentear sua filha em seu aniversário com um terrário produzido por ela mesma que retrata este mundo mágico tão bem quanto no filme. O terrário possui cerca de 35 centímetros de altura, luzes de LED…

Terrário inspirado em Princesa Mononoke vai encantar seu dia

I've been wanting to make a terrerium. Links to terrerium how-tos

Invite Nature Inside: A terrarium, like a bowl of fish, adds life to a room. It also reflects light, so it’s nice for brightening dark walls. Delicate greenery feels calming and homey—and sophisticated when contrasted in a sleek, modern orb.

Even when I’m not making soap, I always feel like I have to make something. (It’s a blessing, and a curse.) So last weekend I made these cute little terrariums (terraria?) out of empty …

Jam Jar Terrarium

FaceoftheEarth - Movie Miniatures: Scale Model Beetlejuice Terrarium

Beetlejuice Terrarium

Buy Movie Miniatures: Scale Model Beetlejuice Terrarium at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Terrário em Lâmpada

This POW features a unique shop with delightful little terrariums! MossTerrariums has gorgeously lush little mini gardens in a jar alread.

Terrariums have become hugely popular lately. If you're interested in creating your own capsule of green, check out these incredible terrarium ideas plus instructions for making your own. Bring...

Oversized lanterns make chic terrariums. This one has fake plants inside, but real potted plants could be used. Fern and moss indoor plants

concrete planters i bet i could figure out how to do this

concrete planters~hypertufa a mixture of Portland cement sphagnum moss and vermiculite or perlite