5.) When Mona graduated High School, she wasn't sure what career she wanted to pursue

Imagining the Mona Lisa enjoying a bite to eat at a contemporary cafe

Modern Mona Lisa - pretty sure I laughed at this more than I should have.

Funny Mona Lisa Parodies #Joconde

McDonalds Mona - memories of the time my mums parents bought my dad a Mona Lisa paperweight - the rage he flew into - paperweight in the bin - he ranted for hours - not he best Christmas day.He also hate Mc.

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Mona Lisa in winter [Elena Simonova] Mona Lisa #monalisa #winter #snow


0057 [Elena Simonova] Mona Lisa (I love this! She looks like a Canadian Mona!

Mona Lisa - Smoking Joint (24x36) - HMR03305

Mona Lisa - Smoking Joint (24x36) - HMR03305

ShunQian Mona Lisa Smoking Joint Poster Novelty Print Your Own Picture Wall Poster On Room Wall Sticker