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Why wont believers…clearly and publicly…denounce the bad parts of the bible…as immoral…?

The stupidity...it hurts... But seriously, if this is real, raising your kids like this is neglect. She is neglecting their education.

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Original description: "People like this put Republicans into office. And I meet them everywhere in America, so now I do not live there anymore!


Whenever you feel dumb, remember that whoppers such as "Jonah" are still taken by many as inspired "fact".

If you don't like people making fun of your beliefs, stop having such stupid beliefs!

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, ecard. I'm sorry but I think you're confusing your right to believe in stupid shit with me not having the right to make fun of it. If you don't like people making fun of your beliefs, stop having such stupid beliefs!

A happily engaged couple is denied their wedding cake because "it's a SIN to make a cake with pro-gay messages!", even AFTER the court ordered her to make it. It isn't a "sin"; you're just a homophobic asshole. If y'all are seriously defending this with "don't judge!", have you forgotten the golden rule of every single religion? "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you"? Get yo head out yo ass smfh

Stop using religion to justify your prejudice. Weak ass piece of shit Christians, you just want to feed your own ego & feel superior to others. Just admit that you enjoy stepping on others. You love to hate.

yep and probably tomorrow too because i know that it wont get fixed tomorrow

The Pope says Atheists pick & choose their morals. This is correct. Today I will be frowning on child abuse, supporting a woman's right to choose & not having a problem with homosexuality.