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Imperial Crown of the Tsarina of Russia

Lesser Imperial Crown The Lesser Imperial Crown, very similar in style and workmanship to the Great Imperial Crown, only smaller, that was used for the coronation of the Tsarina.

Crown of Queen Christina, made for her mother. As her coronation and state crown Christina of Sweden used the crown that her mother Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg had used as the queen consort. It was made in Stockholm in 1620 and had arches in gold with black enameling and set with rubies and diamonds, with a small blue enameled orb and a cross, added a cap of purple satin, embroidered in gold, to the inside of the crown. The circlet of the crown has eight large rubies and diamonds.

Crown of Queen Christina, made for her mother. As her coronation and state crown…

Diamond diadem, total approx. 28 ct. Gold 585, silver 800, old European-, old-cut diamonds and octagonal diamonds, ca. 1900, all parts removable, wearable as brooches, earrings, 83 g

A diamond tiara, circa featuring three radial motifs, with additional circular diamonds, and smaller spacers; each of which can detach and be used as brooches.

loveisspeed.......: Diamonds are a Queens best friend...

This rare ruby and diamond tiara comes from the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, c. Its openwork frame supports a large diamond floral rosette in the center surrounded by diamond petals and floral sprays. On top, the crown boasts a star and crescent.

Tiara Mania: Empress Josephine Tiara by Faberge

The Empress Josephine tiara was created in After the Russian Revolution, the Leuchtenberg family sold the tiara and it was bought by the Belgium royals after World War I.

Corona real de Noruega

The Norwegian King's Crown made for King Carl XIV Johan of Sweden and Norway. It was worn at his coronation on September in Trondheim Cathedral

This is a French Empire tiara top. It would have a brass comb underneath attaching it to a chignon. It has pearls and a large amethyst at the center. c. 1840.

Antique Tiara, Sweden made by Nils Hedenskog; amethyst, seed pearls, gold or brass). Amethysts was used in many jewels for the royals, purple represent royalty~

Reinette: Women of Imperial China

Phoenix coronet for Empress Dowager Xiaojing topped with gold Dragons. Brilliant Blue Phoenixes made of silver inlay Kingfisher Feathers, Gems, Enamel, silver gilt and feather fronds.