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There is a Berlin-based street artist that fights the general beauty-dogma with Disney stereotypes. For sure I like the approach of the Fight Lookism mo

People that still dress like this, make me laugh...

REFERENCE: for / Rockabilly Hair / Makeup Costumes & Staging ! - MIGHT be helpful at some point in time!rockabilly love the plaid with the hair and bandana

DIY Stencil : Make a Stencil, then arm teens with Spray Paint

How to Make Stencils . Perhaps the most amazing library displays I have ever seen. There are also program ideas and beautiful artwork.

Zhuang, Liujiang in China Population 1,671,000 Christian 0.50% Evangelical 0.35% Largest Religion Ethnic Religions Main Language Zhuang, Liujiang

Dragon Boat Festival celebrated across China---The Dragon Boat (Duanwu) Festival, which is celebrated across China to pay homage to Qu Yuan, falls on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, or June 12 this year.

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Bilder - Streetart - Im Parkhaus.


TV test pattern at the end of the broadcast day - no all night tv in those days. I remember this SO WELL!