brenna-ivy: “ This is the start of my huge Harry Potter project. For every book, I’m going to draw the most important supporting characters, staying as true to the books’ descriptions as possible.

(Music: Artesia – Terres Perdues) Andromeda is less popular than other Black sisters. It turned out that many do not even remember about her existence (especially those who have not read the ...

I like this representation of andromenda but I've always thought of her with that Slytherin vibe (sarcastic and cunning, etc)-- well at least we get fanart, I mean, I don't see fanart of her much because sadly people ignore this badass chick

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After my Harry potter marathon (rereading all books, rewatching all movies) I HAD TO do these portraits. Couldn’t resist but to draw two for Hermione. Influenced by both the movie and the future.