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Aniversário de Gabi 09 anos

Aniversário de Gabi 09 anos

2014 & 2017  Before vs After ❤ -

Awe they recreated it. Im not crying. You're crying. Fuck off i'm crying 😭

Quando eu era pequena fiz um terrário como experiência de escola, para demonstrar que um ambiente fechado pode viver em equilíbrio. Depois ...

Mini Jardim ou Fairy Garden

Bonsai and Hobbit house. 'bonsai empire', step by steps of this cool hobbit house project.

This is pretty real  I've never been acknowledged regarding my appearance outside of a relationship except by female family and coworkers  I wouldn't want to be harassed but damn. I feel like maybe my tiny pool of confidence in my appearance is all in my head and illogical sometimes

This is why we shouldn't judge girls who think getting catcalled isn't so bad.


Aaaw :)

Hold Close as fue., The End '. Of all things, THIS made me cry. So many damn feels I don't know what to do with myself. Hold Close as fue The End ' Of all things THIS made me cry So many damn feels I don't know what to do with myself