Home gym storage solution
Idea for workout gear above corner bookcase -- 75 Cool IKEA Kallax Shelf Hacks | ComfyDwelling.com
Em recente visita a Jackson Hole, WY - USA a professora Ana Cristina visitou e participou de aulas no studio CORE PILATES. Foi muito bem...
Learn what to keep in your workout nook in 2016. Domino magazine shows you how to create a workout nook in 2016.
Sensory:  Use soft foam tiles for a sensory room/area floor!  The faux-wood can be more calming than loud colors and is also more "adult-looking" for a sensory room teens and adults will be using. http://www.foamtiles.com/tiles/38-soft-wood-tiles.html
Sports equipment neatly organized on a garage wall using a slatwall system.
Plant Holders used for Medicine Ball storage-cleared up more floor space getting rid of the rack
Workout balls can take up floor space in a gym area.  Get the step by step tutorial on how to make this Workout Ball Holder made from one 2x4. Cost is around $3 and you will be so happy with the extra workout space available.
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