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When you don't pronounce Korean. XD I pretty good at making the sounds though.

I'm either Rap Monster and Jin or J-Hope, there is no in between.

Tag yourself: I’m Jungkook but at the same time I’m Rap Monster and J-Hope?

EXO and BTS get along, so if you're a fan, try to follow your role models.. Stop clashing and starting wars c:

Im both ARMY and EXO-L so it is kind of insulting when the fanwars start because it doesnt apply to all of us.


I don't want my English to get worse. :o But these facts are…

Me - just basic casual clothes

How BTS dresses I think something is not right V:representative of Gucci and on the way of being a model.

Yoongi is such a tsundere

Ohh Suga, forever so much expression of feelings ;

☆ ~ Sometime We Are Like Stars. We Fall So Someone's Wish Can Come True. ~ ☆

I'm sorry all army's and bts but that's what I thought namjoon was like when I FIRST saw him.I thought he would kill me.then i found out he's a sweet cinnamon roll😄😄❤❤