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Fenix AA Powered Flashlight Produces White, Red And Blue Light - FlashLight Packs

Lanterna Fenix TK32 - 900 Lumens

Fenix New 900 lumen flashlight features red, green and blue LEDs - FlashLight Packs

Fenix TK51 Flashlight Global Testing Campaign. http://www.fenixlight.com/NewsMore.aspx?id=87&cid=1

Fenix Tactical flashlight features individually-controlled spot and flood beams - FlashLight Packs

Lanterna Fenix LD41 - 680 Lumens

Fenix FlashlightsPerhaps one of the most impressive lights that I have used in the past year has been the Fenix Fenix is a kind of high performance flashlight. Using Cree LED,.

Lanterna Fenix LD50 - 1800 Lumens

Fenix Compact flashlight features two LEDs with separate circuitry design - FlashLight Packs

Fenix E21 LED Flashlight Cree 150 lumens

Fenix is known worldwide as a premium LED lighting and flashlight brand.

Fenix LD09

Fenix Flashlight turns a single AA battery into 130 lumen max output with multiple control options. Ideal for security work, hobby, and outdoor use.

Lanterna Fenix TK60 - 800 Lumens

Lanterna Fenix TK60 - 800 Lumens