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Cha EunWoo

Cha EunWoo

I'm crying they're doing so Well!!!! Andjsnelldkdkw!!! I love Astro and you should stan

아스트로 on

I figured It's about time I start pinning about these dorks

Astro⭐#astro #kpop

'International bnt' dropped a plethora of handsome cuts of rookie boy group ASTRO that will surely bring a smile to your face.

Eunwoo is the name♡ Never give up on the lovely things that make you happy are the lyrics ♡ Astro is the group!

Why does Eunwoo look a little like Joshua Hong and Lu Han, plus he is wearing a deer onsie

Wha....how...? Just

Estou postando alguns Wallpapers de ASTRO e BTS pra vcs

It was funny at Astro but I lost it at Block B >.< ~~~ I'm still like "what" oh gosh this

Of course JHope is first on the list because admit it he is the biggest sunshine ever and no one can compare