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Seu cachorrinho precisa ter um espaço só dele, um local adequado para comer, descansar, dormir, fazer necessidades e até mesmo brincar. Clique na imagem e saiba como organizar o cantinho dos animais de estimação!

The Metropolitan Bed Espresso Dargan Phillips Bridges - bunk beds for the pups!

Todo cachorro precisa de um espaço pra chamar de seu. Pode ser uma casinha ou uma caminha em um local confortável. O importante é que ele precisa do próprio espaço.

Casinhas de cachorro criativas

How to Make a Combination Pet Bed and End Table : Use an old octagonal table, remove the doors, upholster the inside and add a cushion.

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If you have multiple pets, the Espresso Metropolitan Double Pet Bed is the perfect resting place. This innovative, solid wood bunk-style pet bed has sleek, modern lines that complement any contemporary decor.

Dog bed from side table!

Ok so this is a another side table turned doggy Bed But I think it would make for a great newborn Photography prop!---or even a dolly bed for the little princess! for-our-feathered-furry-and-scaley-friends

Gallery of Evening Radisnce / LCGA Design - 11

Gallery of Evening Radiance / LCGA Design - 11

41 Modelos incríveis de casinhas de cachorro

41 casinhas de cachorro incríveis

OMG. This is soooo cool! If only they made them for our larger dogs too! Could probably get ideas from it to make my own, though to accommodate my larger dogs.

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Incríveis ideias de casinha de cachorro

Casa de Colorir: Sonho da Casa Própria

Sonho da Casa Própria

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Cama especial para dormir com Pets

I love this idea! You can make it out of old pallets if you…

DIY para seus animais de estimação!

Fun Stuff for Pampered Cats: My cat's bed. good size for sausage puppy!

Paint, a little creativity and pillow...  And one family member will be very happy. Woof, meow

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I really like this I might make one for my cat.even though it's for dogs. Who cares!

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dog bed from side table with top & door removed. My grandma had one of these octogone side tables i used to always think that it would make a good small dog bed!