The Impact Of Social Media And Digital Video On Web Usage [INFOGRAPHIC] #socialmedia #video

The Impact Of Social Media And Digital Video On Web Usage - Social Media Usage Up, Traditional Media Suffers - Infographic

Content - Online video isn't just becoming faster, more accessible, and of higher quality; it's also growing quickly as a media platform. In fact, in July 2012, 184 million Web users in ...

The History of Web Video Delivery [Infographic]

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Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Infographic :

Video Statistics: The Marketer's Summary [Infographic] "Shoppers who view video are more likely to purchase than viewers who did not" via MarketingProfs

Global Hand Washing Day 15th October 2013.

To mark Global Handwashing Day, produced this infographic with some of the most powerful stats on handwashing.

El ADN de un libro de éxito #infografia #infographic

El ADN de un libro de éxito #infografia #infographic

Business Infographics - The DNA of a Successful Book. Trends in Book and Literary Reading. Interesting Facts about Books and Reading.

#SocialTV Research: Is #Twitter Transforming How we Watch TV? [INFOGRAPHIC] via Brandwatch

TV and Social Media: A Dual Screening Investigation (Infographic)

En Değerli 100 listesinde Türk markası yok!

2012 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Unveils Interesting Facts

Is YouTube the next TV? – A Source Of Inspiration

Just because something has a flashy graphic, doesn't mean it's based on good data.

Want more information on how YouTube has changed the way businesses market to their customers or how YOU can attract more traffic using the site? Check out this informative infographic on all the mind boggling statistics and fun facts you’ll want to know about YouTube! #youtube #youtubefacts #infographic

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