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A winter favorite, DIY paper snowflakes are a wonderful activity for the whole family. The Lost Boys (and girls) in your crew will love creating their own unique snowflakes. Hang in your home's windows for an added touch of winter.

Handmade Holiday // Paper Snowflake Garland - Art Bar

Handmade Holiday // Paper Snowflake Garland

These Handmade Holiday Paper Snowflake Garland are the grown ups answer to those paper snowflakes you made in primary school.

3D paper snowflakes                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Hanging Paper Snowflake Lamps, multiple designs

Here's a different type of paper snowflake to make for the winter season - medallion snowflakes.

Decorating ideas for every holiday!

Holiday Decorating Ideas that Won’t Put You in the Poor House

Whether it's a school project, or you wish to decorate the house or a Christmas tree, making a paper snowflakes is easy. Read the Buzzle article to find the step-by-step explanation. (How To Make Christmas Snowflakes)

Perfect snowflakes. Snowflake Templates

Paper Snowflakes 101 - Designs for 3 different snowflakes shapes. My kids did this for me as an art project for school.they are beautiful

Seven Alive: Easy Crochet Snowflake Pattern

Privacy Window with Cricut Window Cling

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland

You don’t have to have kids to get crafty with holiday decorations. The following are a few of my favorite holiday craft ideas for this season.

Creative Holiday Craft Ideas